Taking a shower in the morning, after work or before bedtime is necessary for enjoying life. It is a way to keep you fresh and bright in the morning and relaxed at night. It is vital for your hygiene and the wellbeing of your body. So, you need to have everything that will make your shower 100% perfect. This is why you need to invest in a high-quality shower head. But did you know that shower head are not one size fits all?

There are different models and shapes of shower heads. There are shower heads for men and for women. Each type of those can fulfill the different needs of men and women in their showers. They both are looking for something different. However, both of them are seeking relaxing and soothing shower.

  • What men look for in a shower head

Men are always looking for a practical shower head. If you are a guy, you will love a head that gets you a fast shower. Your favorite shower head should provide a big supply of water quickly. You won’t look for complicated details in your shower head. It is not about luxury, but is about performance. Handheld shower heads could be a suitable option for a man. This style is absolutely functional and flexible.  You can hang it on the wall or hold it in your hand. Holding it in the hand will let you point the water on the exact spot you need.  Mounting it on the wall can give you full water spray that will serve a quick shower.

Handheld shower heads are also lightweight. So you won’t find a problem in holding and controlling the head any way you want. Hand held shower head are not the only preferred type of showers for men. You can really appreciate what dual shower head have to offer.

  • What women want in a shower head

A shower for a woman is not just about washing up and removing body dirt. It is a way of pampering too. This is why women are looking for more than a traditional shower head. If you are a woman, you will love a shower head that would indulge your senses. You won’t be looking for something that gives strong or heavy beam of water. You will be pleased with a gentle flow of water. This way you can have a chance to care for your body properly.

So, if you are about to purchase a new shower head, you would better look in the category of water-saving shower heads. You might like something like tropic rain shower head. Such items provide a smooth and a gentle water beam. Smoothness is essential for stimulating a woman’s senses and relaxing her body. You should also look for a shower head that distributes water in a way that is similar to a massage.  The looks of the shower head is also important for women. You would pay a lot of attention to its design and making it blend with the rest of the décor.




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