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Veneers are a popular choice for many people in Sydney. They can cover up imperfections on your teeth and improve the appearance of your smile. However, there are many types of veneers Sydney that you need to know about before making a decision. This article will provide you with some information on different types of veneers so that you can learn this here now and  make an informed decision when it comes time to choose one.

What Do You Mean By Veneers?

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or composite resin that is placed on the surface of your teeth. Veneers are often used to fix fractured, chipped or discolored teeth and can be used to disguise gaps between teeth. In addition veneers can also be used in cases where there are stains from coffee or tea and even darkening from smoking.

dental veneers

There are many reasons why someone might want a veneer. The best way to find out if you need one is by scheduling an appointment with your dentist!

Veneers are a type of cosmetic dentistry that is used to cover up uneven surfaces, chips and stains on teeth. They are also used for bite-aligning or making improvements in the appearance of your smile.

Types Of Veneers:

1) Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are made from a strong and durable material that bonds to your teeth. They come in many different shades of color so you can choose the one that best suits your preference, no matter what type of tooth you have. porcelain is normally used for people who want whiter teeth or just need their smile improved without changing bone structure. It’s also more likely to be successful in cases where there are gaps between the top row of teeth because porcelain has a natural translucency!

2) Composite Veneers:

Composite veneers are made from a hard plastic, and they bond to your teeth. They come in similar shades of color as porcelain but composite is more economical for cases where you just need small improvements or fixing chips on the surface of your tooth. Composed of resin polymers and acrylics, composite veneers offer more affordable options for those who are on a budget. It’s also perfect for fixing chips and cracks in your teeth that you’re not willing to replace with porcelain.

porcelain veneers3) Palatal Veneers:

Palatal veneers are designed to cover the front surface of your teeth. They’re usually fitted with porcelain because it’s more aesthetically pleasing and they bond quickly, but composite is also an option for those who can’t afford or don’t want a costly procedure.


Lumineers are ultra-thin porcelain veneer that can be fitted to the interior surface of your molars. They’re very strong and durable, but also more expensive than other options.

5) Removable Veneers:

Removable veneers are thin pieces of porcelain that have an adhesive on one side. They’re used to cover up scratches or chips in the front surface of your teeth, and they can be easily removed when you eat something too hard for them. There’s also a type called “collapsible” which is made from composite and can be adjusted to get the right fit for your teeth.

6) Dental Enamel:

Dental enamel is a type of porcelain veneer that’s made to be applied on the front surface of your teeth. It’s a natural looking option, but it can only be fitted if your teeth are in good condition.

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