Toughest Phone Cases

When it comes to phones, everyone wants the latest model with all of the most recent features. If you have an older model that still works fine, then you should stop being so impatient and wait until your contract is over.

If you are worried about dropping your phone, perhaps you should consider investing in a good phone case. Even with a phone case, you should realize that your phone is never completely safe from damage, but prevention is better than cure.

The main difference between the most challenging phone cases and ordinary phone cases is that some are designed to protect your phone from falls, while others are mainly for protection against scratches. If you are looking for the toughest of all cases, this article will discuss some ideas for what to look out for.

Best Protective Phone cases 2021

Some of the Toughest Cover:

Case-Mate Tough Case

It is made of rubber material, provides good grip in hand, and feels like it provides good all-around protection. It has a plastic outer shell that protects the phone’s front and back. The case also has port covers to keep dust from entering through its ports, which can be a problem with most cases.

The last feature of this case is the plastic belt clip that can rotate 180 degrees, which makes it easy to secure to a belt loop or purse strap. When the phone is in the case, it doesn’t feel big and bulky.
On the negative side, the case’s rubber material tends to get dirty quickly.

Also, there are some reports of the rubber losing its tackiness over time. It should be noted that the phone has only been out for a year, so this may not be an issue in the future. Finally, it is easy for dust to enter through the micro USB port when charging.

Mate Tough Case

OtterBox Tough Covers:

The most popular types are the Defender, Commuter, and Reflex series. Their line includes over 30 models for over 20 different phone types, with prices ranging from $11 to about $100. All three lines offer varying degrees of protection depending on your lifestyle and how likely you are to drop your phone without warning.

For example, the Defender Series practically guarantees protection against water, dust drops, and shocks (up to 5 feet), while the Commuter Series offers protection against “normal” wear and tear.

If you work in a high-risk environment, the company’s Reflex Series is for you! This case features two polycarbonate exteriors that sandwich an impact-resistant silicone core to deliver twice the protection of most cases.

OtterBox Tough Covers

LifeProof Cases:

However, some people still need waterproof or even shockproof cases, even if their lifestyle isn’t necessarily “hazardous.” For those of us who cannot afford to replace our phones every time we drop them (especially young mothers), there’s another option.

It also protects against slipping on smooth surfaces like tile or concrete thanks to a textured grip on both exterior layers, but it also features a sleek design that’s slim enough to slip in and out of your pocket or purse.

LifeProof has models available for about 20 different phones from Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG. Prices run from $60-$70 depending on the model you choose, so they’re relatively cheaper than some other waterproof cases.

The only downside is that not all ports are accessible while the case is on, so you may have to remove your phone if you plan on taking underwater videos or photos. But considering the type of protection offered by this line of cases, LifeProof is an excellent option for anyone who needs their phone for work or play!

LifeProof Cases

5 Tips to Buying Toughest Phone Case:

1) Read all product descriptions and reviews on and other sites
2) Lookup user images of the product and see what they had to say
3) Visit a local store and try out the different types of cases before making your decision
4) Check the specs of your phone model and make sure the case fits properly
5) Finally, check your budget to find the right balance between price, quality, design/colors, brand name.

What are the different types of Covers?

The main difference between tough cases and other types of cases [such as silicone cases or even bumper cases] is that they provide all-around protection for your phone while allowing easy access to ports such as headphone jack and micro USB. There are many brands of these challenging cases such as Otterbox, Incipio, Xdoria, and Case-Mate.

Otterbox is a more expensive choice and has the most significant market and what most people recognize as the most challenging phone case.

Xdoria cases are made of premium polycarbonate material for strength and durability with an anti-scratch coating to protect the back of your phone from scratches.

Typically, the difference between cheap cases and pricey ones is that pricier ones have better quality materials as well as better designs/colors, which is why they tend to be more expensive. Some even come with extra features such as belt clips or covers to protect sides from scratches or screen protection film included in the package.


Look for the case that not only protects your phone but also isn’t too bulky because then it will be hard to fit into your pocket or bag. Alternative to most challenging phone cases is to use screen protector options like the popular Zagg InvisibleSHIELD, which will protect it from scratching and shattering.

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