Hedging and Screening

If you want to Buy Hedging & Screening Plants Online or from a shop, here are some things that you should know before you make that purchase from popular sites like Hedging And Screening or some other ones. Hedges can act as a boundary, which could be very useful and beautiful in a garden. Some of these are taxes, fungus, and hawthorn.

Decide The Type Of Hedge

You can decide on different types of hedges to choose from. There are flowering, deciduous, and evergreen hedges. You should also know in advance what height you want this hedge to grow to. You should also consider the conditions of the soil and the situation.

Look at the place around you, and you can understand what types of hedges grow around the place where you live. After you plant the hedges, you will have to maintain them as well, so you should know how you will take care of them.

Different hedges grow at different rates, and they could all need different amounts of care and make sure that you know enough about this before you decide to buy them.

Before You Buy A Hedge, Make Sure That You Know

  1. When To Plant It – A hedge can be planted at any time of the year. However, winter is better as you could buy some bare-root plants and these are the same as the pot-grown plants, but they are cheaper.
  2. Choosing The Hedge – Many websites will have hedges, and you can use filters to choose based on the type of soil you have or sunlight. For example, you could get a hedge for well-drained soil that is not too acidic or alkaline, and it also has a good and decent amount of sunlight.
  3. The Preparation – You would have to prepare the soil very well, and you need to kill all the weeds, dig the soil in advance and remove any stones, especially if they are very big. Removing stones and weeds is the most important thing you can do and prepare before getting a hedge.

Hedging & Screening Plants

Some Things To Remember Are The Key When You Select The Plant

  • S = maintain at 30-90cm (1-3ft)
  • M = maintain at 90-120cm (3-4ft)
  • M-L = maintain at 90-180cm (3-6ft) or as taller hedges or screens
  • L = can be maintained at over 180cm (6ft)


Numbers show the spacings for planting in average conditions. In difficult conditions or even poor soil, spacings may need to be slightly reduced.

  • 1 = 10-15cm (4-6in) apart
  • 2 = 30cm (1ft) apart
  • 3 = 37.5cm (15in) apart
  • 4 = 45cm (18in) apart
  • 5 = 50cm (21in) apart
  • 6 = 60cm (2ft) apart
  • 7 = 75cm (30in) apart
  • 8 = 90cm (3ft) apart


When you look for hedges, you will notice evergreen and deciduous hedges. You can also choose some thorny hedges if you want some more protection in the place where you live. You can plant hedges based on the soil you have in your garden, or you could have some hedges for the clay that is present in the soil. If you want some low-growing hedges or clipped more narrowly, you can find all these types of hedges in shops or even online, and you can find some good deals on all these products.

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