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A real estate agent is a professional who is hired to assist in the sale of real estate. A real estate agent, in my view, should be open to new ideas, such as inventive marketing strategies and cutting-edge improvements that affect purchasers and sellers.

A real estate agent should listen to buyers, sellers, and tenants to discover what the public hates about brokers and make aggressive marketing changes as a result. The office timings of a real estate agents in Bardon like Pen Rose RealEstate should be equivalent to those of other professionals who are paid in the hundreds of dollars for each transaction.

The real estate agent should put their skills to the test

Real estate agent should put their knowledge to the test by utilizing them on a daily basis. It is not advisable for a real estate agent to work part-time. This indicates they must not work full-time and supplement their revenue by selling real estate.

When things go bad, a real estate agent should be able to maintain their composure. No matter what was said or done, a real estate agent should always be responsible and never hang up on a customer or another real estate agent.

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A real estate agent should be accountable for their education

A real estate agent should be accountable for learning to understand, and keeping up with all marketing strategies that may or may not be used in the sale or purchase of a house.

When the majority of houses are now sold via purchaser viewing on the Internet, the reality that a real estate agent is “not familiar with the Internet” is no longer an excuse.

A real estate agent should be well-versed in the various channels of communication and marketing that a buyer can use to search for and eventually purchase a home.

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When a real estate agent returns from the store, they should not have to turn on their fax machine

A real estate agent must not have to switch on their fax machine if they arrive from the shop. They must be a packed operation that can operate at any moment within normal working times.

A real estate agent must never depart the city without assistance, as this may cause a contract to fall through. Except for the real estate agent, no one seems to mind that he is on vacation.

A real estate agent should never tell a seller that they don’t work because they have open houses for sale every day.  A real estate agent must never be so narrow-minded as to dismiss someone who suggests a statue of St. Joseph.

They must not dismiss the possibility of a cherry pie fragrance selling a home simply because they do not desire to invest time analyzing what might or might not suit the seller.


Tragically, this is the only location where all of these criteria, or should I say lack of professionalism, are praised as excellent and acceptable behavior on a daily basis. The public has to be informed that the fate of most people’s major property is in the hands of an overwhelming number of untrained, part-time real estate brokers.

When will we say enough is enough? Real estate is a good in career that takes expertise, understanding, and a constant reach to execute strategies and achieve outcomes for customers.

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