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When you find a cute outfit that fits you right, it’s hard to resist buying it. It doesn’t matter if the store is in your hometown or halfway across the country; you just have to have it! And with today’s technology, online shopping has become so easy and convenient. But what if there was an even better way? Now shop for clothes without ever leaving our homes!

This blog post will review Pop Fit Clothing – one of our favorite clothing brands- and explain why they’re such an awesome company and all the drawbacks I face while shopping from POP FIT.

Pop Fit Reviews


In the early 2000s, Pop Fit Clothing was established by two entrepreneurial guys from California. They saw a niche in the market for fashionable clothes that fit all women of different shapes and sizes. Fashion trends change every season, so stores often have to close their doors if they’re not catering to these changes – but Pop Fit never did! The ladies run pop fit to provide the best quality products that are not only stylish but also affordable.

Summarizing The Review

To put this to an end, I can say that POP Fit is a luxury women’s clothing, offering products at an affordable price range. The company has wide waistband leggings that make you look better in your clothes and don’t show through.

Reasons To Buy:

Affordable and stylish clothes

Available in all the sizes

First Company to offer Pockets in Leggings

Excellent Fabrics

Comfort fit

Reasons To Ignore:

hard to find products on the website

customer service

Pop Fit Reviews 1
Pop Fit Reviews



POP Fit is one of the few brands to have added pockets to their leggings. The company added this feature after hearing the female staff’s frustration and, of course, from the feedback of their lovely customers. An amazing thought of functional pockets can be rare in women’s clothing, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

The company has got mesh styles, fabric styles, and highly lovingly and favorite double pockets (yes! with four pockets!). The pockets are specially designed with a smooth appearance which does not even make you look bulky, or you find them ugly. The smooth texture enhances the comfort level and doesn’t interfere with the functionality.

Pop Fit Clothing offers trendy and stylish clothing that will fit all women – no matter what shape or size. They even make their clothes in sizes 0 to 18, so everyone can find something they love. They know the value of sizing with a complete understanding of different body types, the company designs products that will surely satisfy your desires.

The best part is that their clothing is very affordable. You can get a trendy outfit for only $19! isn’t it amazing! That’s unheard of in fashion today, and the clothes are made from high-quality materials, so they’ll last you as long as possible. Despite being cheap or budget, the company hasn’t compromised with the fabrics or the quality of the product they deliver to their customers. The quality and the prices, both the factors are highly maintained and are checked before putting out for sale.

You can further call it the company’s magic as the company is highly known for its four-way stretch, poly-spandex fabric. The fabric is solely designed to tailor itself to you!

The leggings manufactured while using this fabric will stretch to accommodate inseams between 30″ to 36″ without any thought of making you look bulky or which does not look nice on you. All the legging products manufactured by the are high-waisted and sits around your natural waist.

So if you are looking for a new dress, jumpsuit, top, skirt, pants- Pop Fit has it!

pop fit reviews....


It seems like it might be difficult to find something if you’re not sure what you’re looking for. There are many options, so it might be difficult to navigate the site, but thankfully they have an FAQs page that should help with some of those concerns!

Customer service doesn’t care what you think about them and the queries you have related to the product, especially on the emails. Although, you will not face many issues if you are talking to them on the call. On the calls, the customer care is sweet and attends to you properly.

Instead of dropping them emails and waiting for a reply( which isn’t going to come), I recommend you call them and get satisfactory answers regarding your questions.


Even if I don’t have a use in mind for the clothing, I’m just happy knowing other women can find something that fits them.


Q1 Is pop fit a scam or legit?

Pop Fit is not a scam. It is legit. People should buy from this company because it has great clothes with quality fabric and materials that are durable for use in various weather conditions, whether hot or cold. The clothes are affordable and of good value to the buyer. They can be worn on different occasions such as weddings, parties, and casual outings among others without looking out of place but stylish at the same time.

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