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You may have observed that your home’s backyard is in desperate need of some decking designs to fill it in. Alternatively, a decking balcony expansion from your bedroom may be required. Whatever decking jobs are required, it is necessary to have a broad idea of the type of deck that is required in order to determine how much decking costs.

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Perhaps you’ve already made a sketch or enlisted the assistance of a landscape designer or architect in this regard. Of course, the next step is to locate a reliable business to complete your decking design work. However, before they can acquire the greatest pricing decks Sunshine Coast for you, the business representative at Stilus Design and Construction will need a lot of data from you.

Council Approval and Insurance

To begin with, if you want to change the decking on your property, you may need to get permission from your local council. The cost and conditions for approval differ from country to country. If your decking designs are going to be more than a specific size, some authorities will need you to engage a builder or have construction insurance.

Even if your local government does not require it, it is still a good idea to obtain building insurance in case your decking contractors run into issues and are unable to finish your project on time.

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Finding a Decking Design Company

When comparing quotations from different firms, it’s crucial to keep the following aspects in mind.

  • How long has the business been providing services to the community? New companies usually have lower decking design quotes, but there is a bigger danger of your task not being completed if the company runs into financial difficulties. Companies with a longer track record are more likely to complete the work assigned to them and add that extra professional touch.
  • Is it possible for the company to offer you references for their work? Of course, this is to offer you an indication of the type of service they will provide.
  • Is the business covered by insurance? If something bad happens, you don’t want to be the one to bear the weight of the accident liability.
  • Is it possible for the provider to supply you with a thorough cost breakdown in their estimate? Are the expenses shown as estimates or exact costs?
  • What types of decks does the company primarily produce?
  • Do they offer additional services, such as concept drawings and designs (using CAD software) or assistance with council approvals? There may be an additional charge for them.
  • What kind of upkeep will the firms perform on your deck, and how often will they do it? Cleaning and re-coating your deck with decking oil, which can improve its beauty and durability, is usually done every 6-12 months by most firms.


When trying to figure out how much decking costs, there are numerous factors to consider. The numerous qualities of your terrain, as well as the height of your deck above ground, might have a major impact on the quote. However, if you have specific measurements and ideas at the start of a project, you can perhaps avoid unexpected costs later on. To summarize, the best budget decking work is one that can be completed by a reputable firm with fair quotations, and cheap is not always beneficial in this regard.

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