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Constipation, among the common health problems, is a condition that people experience after some time. When a person has less than three bowel movements in a single week then the person is known as constipated.

It is a fact that almost 27% of adults, around the world, experience symptoms associated with constipation such as gas, bloating, etc. When you get older or you reduce the intensity of physical activities, the risk of constipation increases significantly.

When a person poos once a week then it is known as severe constipation. There are many foods and drinks that you can consume to relieve the symptoms of constipation, and these foods can also be effective in preventing constipation. In addition, if someone is unable to control constipation then a gastroenterologist may recommend an anti hcv test, and you can know more about this test from anti hcv test price.

Additionally, there are also some foods that can worsen constipation if you consume them regularly or use them after experiencing this condition.

Worst Foods for Constipation

Here are some foods that you need to avoid if you are experiencing constipation, or if you want to prevent it, you need to minimize the use of these foods:


A lot of people experience constipation when they foods that are packed with gluten. Gluten is considered a protein that is found in spelled, wheat, etc. In addition, many people can’t tolerate gluten, and in medical terms, it is known as celiac disease.

When people, who experience constipation, consume gluten, there is an attack on their gut by their immune system which severely affects it. Therefore, for these people, doctors recommend a diet that is considered gluten-free.

In many countries, including Europe, almost one percent of people face celiac diseases. However, many people experience it but don’t have any idea that they are experiencing it. The most common symptom that people with celiac disease experience is chronic constipation. If they avoid gluten foods then they can easily avoid chronic constipation and the gut would also heal speedily.
You need to reach out to the gastroenterologist in Islamabad if gluten is causing you constipation even if you tolerate it. Just don’t cut it from your diet without consulting any healthcare professional.

White Rice

White rice can also be among the reasons for constipation. However, this is not the cause of brown rice.

White rice causes constipation because people remove the bran, etc. The bran, husk, etc. are packed with fiber and other nutrients, when people remove them, the risk of constipation increases.

On the other hand, there is bran and husk in brown rice; that’s why they can reduce the severity of constipation. In addition, brown rice is also considered a good source of whole grains because one cup of brown rice is packed with 5g of protein and 3.5 grams of fiber.

Dairy Products, Especially Milk

Dairy products, at least for some people, can also be one of the reasons for constipation. Toddlers and children are at great risk of experiencing constipation because their diet is mostly dependent on dairy products, especially milk.

what foods cause constipation

In addition, the milk of the cows can also increase the risks of constipation because there is a protein in it and little children feel sensitivity to it.

A longitudinal study, that was conducted over the period of twenty-six years, found that children who were experiencing chronic constipation enjoyed a relief in the symptoms of constipation when their parents didn’t give them the milk of cows.

A study, that was conducted recently, explained that children who were between the age of 1-2 and experiencing constipation and consuming the milk of cows over a period of time. Then this milk was replaced by soy milk. The study resulted that nine out of thirteen children experiencing a reduction in the severity of constipation.

However, whether dairy products cause constipation in adults or not? The results are conflicting because most studies about the link between dairy products and constipation were conducted in children.

In addition, people, especially children, who are lactose intolerant can experience diarrhea after consuming products that are made from milk, cheese, butter, etc.

Red Meat

Why does red meat worsen the symptoms of constipation? There could be three possible reasons. These reasons are: it contains fiber in little amounts, it also reduces the ability of the person of the daily consumption of fiber, and the third reason is that it takes more time to digest and stays in the digestive system for a longer time, and increases the risks of constipation.

list of foods that cause constipation

People who consume red meat often and experience constipation, need to replace it with fresh vegetables, beans, etc.


Persimmon, the most popular fruit in Eastern Asia, may also cause constipation in some people. There are several varieties of this fruit. However, mostly categorized as sweet or astringent.

Astringent persimmons contain a compound that is responsible for slowing down bowel movements. Due to this reason, gastroenterologists recommend avoiding the use of this fruit during constipation.

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