how to fix [pii_email_19c55b6f8900a6843679] errors

Many people have [pii_email_19c55b6f8900a6843679] errors in Microsoft Outlook. These errors can be frustrating to deal with and cause you to lose important emails sent or received daily. If you’re the owner of an Office 365 Business account, don’t worry! In this blog post, we will show you how easy it is to fix these errors so that your email runs smoothly again.

how to fix [pii_email_19c55b6f8900a6843679] errors

The Microsoft Outlook Error [pii_email_19c55b69e551a6843679] can be fixed easily if you follow this article step by step. You don’t need to panic or contact your technical support team anymore! The solution is just one click away from you. What are you waiting for? Scroll down, find out how easy it is and apply 

What does meant and Reasons for occurring These type of Error

– If your account error code says 19c55b6f8900a6843679, then it means that there’s something wrong with how your Office 365 Business account password was applied to Exchange Online Protection (EOP).

– [pii_email_19c55b6f8900a6843679] is most often a result of having the wrong password for your email account. This can be caused by forgetting what you originally set as your Office 365 Business account password, or it could happen if someone has recently reset your password due to suspicious activity detected on your Account.

– If you receive this error when trying to send emails from Outlook, it’s possible that there are issues with how Microsoft Exchange Online Protection (EOP) handles messages sent outbound via SMTP.

What Happens When Outlook Error [pii_email_19c55b6f8900a6843679] Occurs?

the main happening of the error is due to one of the following reasons:

– The account password has been changed, and Outlook does not know about it. It can also happen if you were using an old email address with a different user name for Office 365 when your updated passwords were applied.

Simple and Effective Ways to Fix Error 

Update to the New Version of Microsoft Outlook

  • Download and install the newer version of Microsoft Outlook.
  • Update to a new Office 365 account password
  • Change your email address in the Mail Settings > Account Maintenance > Email Addresses section for the user’s whose old one is no longer valid.

Change Server Port Number of Microsoft Outlook

  • Go to File> Properties, and then click “Outlook Data Files”.
  • Under the personal folder connection section, change the port number by clicking on “New serer.”. If you are using different accounts for Exchange or Office 365.
  • Please make these changes in your corresponding sections as well. And remember that these adjustments will not apply to any other computer than yours where you created them.

Delete Duplicate Accounts from Microsoft Outlook 

  • Click to the Start button 
  • type “gpedit.MSC” in the search field.
  • Go to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Outlook
  • Double click on “Outlook – Prevent users from adding, changing or removing duplicate accounts.”
  • Select Enabled and apply changes.

Fix the Issue via Control Panel

  • Double click on “Control Panel”> System and Security
  • Select Administrative Tools under System
  • Click Services, find Microsoft Exchange Server service and double click on it. The window that appears next to Service Status: change Startup Type from Manual to Automatic and apply changes.

Enable Outlook 2007 Junk Mail Rules for all folders in your Account by following these steps:- open any folder with messages in it; then go to File | Options (under menu bar) -> Junk E-mail Protection tab -> uncheck the box “Move junk email into a separate folder.”

Try Inspecting Work Requisite Settings in your Account 

open any folder with messages in it; then go to File | Options (under menu bar) -> Junk E-mail Protection tab -> click on the “Settings” button

Inspecting Work Requisite Settings and fix these errors automatically.

Reinstall Microsoft Outlook Application on your PC

Reconfigure SMTP and POP Server Settings

  • to Reconfigure SMTP and POP Server Settings in your pc: – download [pii_email_19c55b69e551a6843679] error fixer utility from here
  • then execute the [pii_email_19c55b69e551a6843679] fixer utility on your machine
  • type “” for Outgoing Mail Server; then type, 25 for Incoming mail server (under IMAP) -> click on OK button to save changes made
  • install the software on Windows PC where Microsoft Outlook is installed as a trial version for 14 days free of cost
  • Launch this SMTP server repair tool by double-clicking on its executable File, then follow instructions given by the setup wizard or through the pop settings window, which will automatically configure email account settings.

Use SCANPST.exe to Repair PST documents in Microsoft Outlook

  • SCANPST.exe utility will automatically remove all errors which are found in the PST file and repair the mailbox database
  • this tool is entirely safe to use on MS Exchange Server or Non-Exchange server environments

Important Tips: If you are having trouble accessing [pii_email_19c55b69d90a6843679], try these steps before contacting customer service or opening a support ticket on our website:

The first thing to do is check for updates in Windows, then update any software

Bottom line of this blog post: [pii_email_19c55b69d90a6843679] errors are a common occurrence in Microsoft Outlook, so it’s essential to know how these errors come to exist, what they do and how you can fix them with simple and easy steps that no create any technical requirements.

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