Dutch Oven Chicken

When it comes to roasting chickens, there is nothing more unique than a “Dutch oven” chicken pot. A true open-front one-pot meal, a Dutch oven chicken pot allows cooks to prepare the chicken alongside the vegetables, ensuring both are extremely delicious. Plus, the unique design, with a tight lid and high sides, lets the chicken cook in a moist, even environment first, ensuring dry, crunchy cooking and finally to brown, giving that golden brown crispiness everyone loves.

This type of chicken can be prepared in a variety of ways. Most often, however, we like our chicken Dutch oven style as a whole roasted chicken that has been browned on all sides and then sauteed to perfection. This is then ready to go with any number of recipes from grilled, to baked, to fried, to pot roast. Here are some quick ideas for the perfect Amsterdam or holiday dinner.

Chicken Cooking Recipes In Dutch Oven

One of the best things about Dutch oven chicken recipes is that they are very flexible, allowing the cook to be as creative as they like. We have done quite a few different variations on a classic recipe and have found that our guests keep coming back for more. Some of our favorite chicken recipes include having a pot roast made with leftover chicken (roasted and drained), along with carrots, celery and potatoes. Another favorite is to have chicken sauteed and cooked in a skillet with onions and bell pepper.

Other than chicken recipes, there are a number of variations that work well in a Dutch oven. If you are making a stew, you can add many things to it to make it your own unique dish. For example, you can add carrots, potatoes, onions, chicken stock if it is not already included in your recipe, and liquid bouillon if it is not available in your recipe. You could also add apple sauce if you wish. Adding anything to a stew makes it more unique since the flavors can meld together rather than standing out on their own.

Another wonderful variation to a traditional Dutch oven chicken recipe is to marinate the meat before roasting it. Most recipes call for liquid but some like to take the juices out of the marinade and apply it directly to the bird. If you are using a bottle jar with a tight fitting lid and leaving the marinade in the jar for an hour before you bake, you will take out some of the juice and use it to brush the bottom and inside of the bird. The amount of time you let the marinade to coat the bird depends on how well you like the flavor and how tender you want the meat to be when it is done.

Chicken Cooking Recipes In Dutch Oven

When the bird is done, you simply remove the lid and wipe it down using another piece of aluminum foil and leave it to cool. In a ten minute or less oven session you will have perfectly cooked, juicy, steamed chicken. To finish cooking the meal, simply run a butter knife around the outside of the hen and remove the skin. Remove the bird from the oven and allow it to cool. At this point you can refrigerate it or wrap in foil and allow to dry.

Once you are completely satisfied with the chicken’s internal temperature, check it with a thermometer to ensure that it is the correct temperature by letting it sit for about thirty minutes. It should be checking at the proper temperature based on your original recipe. If it is too high or too low, you may either cut it up or give it another chance to heat up to the proper temperature. Remember that you want to be sure that the outside of the bird is completely cooked before you let it rest so plan your time accordingly.

As you can see there really is no big secret to making chicken in a Dutch Oven but it does require a lot of patience. As I said earlier, you want to make sure that the inside of the thigh is completely cooked throughout. You also want to be sure that the outside is fully cooked prior to turning the bird. If you find that the thigh is not cooking fast enough or the other parts are not fully cooked keep them in the oven for an additional ten minutes. After they are fully cooked turn them over and cook the other side.

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