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Post surgery swelling or swelling as a result of trauma can cause throbbing pain that dulls the senses and cause agony. Ice therapy has been traditionally used to curb swelling and to alleviate the pain by reducing the swelling through the principle of heat exchange.

The cold temperature of such machines will transfer to the targeted area, reducing the heat, and as a consequence of that will bring down the swelling and the pain. The market is flooded with many machines that make claims.

While some are true in terms of performance, others are not. So, this is where we come in with a honest review of five machines to help you find out the best cold therapy machine including an ice machine for knee.

5 Best Ice Therapy Machines for Knee – Buyer’s Guide 2021

1. Pain Management Technology Universal Therapy Pad

Product Functions

  • Reduces edema/swelling
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Alleviates pain
  • Offers relief for sore muscles

Pain Management Technology Hot-Cold Therapy System

Pain Management Technology Universal Therapy Pad works in tandem with Aqua Relief System to offer pain relief in joints and sore muscles. Blood circulation improves with this therapy, reducing pain by delivering just the right amount cold therapy to the targeted area. It helps patients with conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, pain from arthritis etc.  The wraps and bladder are designed in a manner to quickly reduce swelling and inflammation. The uniquely designed wraps and bladder fit perfectly and snugly around feet and hands, resulting in improved pain relief and healing.

Used in combination with the ARS or AIS water therapy system, this offers swift relief from pain in the shoulders, knees and joints. An excellent universal pain management pad, this helps to tackle inflammation.

By reducing the temperature in the targeted area, this brings down the swelling and by extension the pain. Post surgical procedures, swelling is likely to be experienced, and this little device offers a wonderful way to get rid of pain, and regain flexibility faster, as a result of quicker healing.

Superior Product At Number One

What makes this product special is the fact that it is universal and can be used on most joints of the body.

2.Active Ice Therapy System 2.0

Product Functions

  • Alleviates post-surgery pain without drugs
  • Therapy for any part of body
  • Capacity of Nine (9) quarts for water and ice
  • Insulated cool water lines of five feet length
  • 30 minute timer switch

Polar Products Active Ice Therapy System 2.0 Review

Active Ice Therapy System, is a motorized option that comes with a convenient control for adjusting the flow rate temperature.  The 9 quart container for the coolant and the simple operation procedure has left users satisfied with the brand and the product. The accessories that come with the device are thoughtful and create greater convenience among users. For instance, the timer, which can be set for 30 minutes, adds to the safety of the device, like the quick disconnection couplings that permit users to disengage swiftly.

This is another universal targeted therapy device. The highlights of this device is that fact that it has adjustable features. The flow rate and the temperature of the flow can be adjusted.  And operation is quite simple and easy.

All that is required is to add the required volume of water and ice to the cooler. The speed with which the unit can be disconnected gives greater convenience to individuals who may find it difficult to undo complicated wrappings.

 Perfect Pain Management Device At Number Two

Operation of the device makes it quite popular and easy to use. Additionally the extra shoulder compression wrap can help you to take care of those nagging niggles in the shoulder.

3. Ossur Cold Rush Device USA

Product Functions

  • Swiftly reduces swelling arising out of surgery
  • Helps to cut down on anti inflammatory medications
  • Significantly improves quality of life
  • Continuous Cold Therapy
  • Cold Rush Cold Therapy Unit available

Ossur Cold Rush Device USA - Unit OnlyThe Ossur has a motor, that circulates the cold water, delivering intense cooling effect to the injured location, through the attached pad that will go on the targeted area.   Pain-relief is swift and extended with this device, and it is most suitable for injuries in the rotator cuff, knee, for torn tendons etc. With this device users can get rid of a whole load of pills that are typically relied on for pain relief.  Will operate effortlessly for 6 hours and the 30 decibel motor, that promises a quiet operation is ideal for rehabilitation procedures that do not disturb clients.

Boasting of a powerful brushless motor, this unit has got all the power that is required to deliver high speed pain relief. It works super efficiently and super silently. The power of the motor ensures that the cooling is consistent, and has the power to reach portions that are at an higher elevation.

This will be a great feature for patients who may not have the flexibility to reach and position the device closer to the upper torso.

Powerful Option At Number Three

The power of the motor and its noiseless performance make this a great product. The speed with which the cooling power is transferred to the intended area offers quick relief to patients.

4. ARS Aqua Relief System

Product Functions

  • Pain relief in joints and sore muscles
  • Universal Therapy Pad
  • Inclusive of hot water therapy aqua-relief system

ARS Aqua Relief System Hot or Cold Water Therapy DeviceThe ARS device comes with a circulation system, delivering intense cold stimulus to the injured location.  The ARS comprises an universal pad that can be used on most parts of the body, by virtue of the design.  The highlight of this system is that it comes with both hot and cold water options. While cold water therapy is suitable for injuries and trauma, hot water has a separate list of beneficiary uses, especially for patients suffering from arthritis.

This works in tandem with the Universal Therapy Pad. With options for cold and heat, tit helps individuals get rid of pain or discomfort with just the right kind of external heat exchange. The universal pad offers individuals the luxury of wrapping any portion of the body and allowing high speed temperature build up or reduction to deliver to the intended place.

 Well Rounded Unit At Number Four

This is a complete unit at number four position that offers both hot and cold options with the universal pad combination. A good well rounded unit that will help alleviate pain greatly.

5. AircastCryo/Cuff Cold Therapy

Product Functions

  • Cold and focal compression using a non-motorized, gravity-fed system
  • Cryo/Cuff anatomically designed to provide maximum cryotherapy
  • 6 to 8 hours of cryotherapy
  • Hemarthrosis, swelling, managing pain and post-operative recovery
  • Aircast Ankle Cryo/Cuff can be worn on either leg

Aircast Cryo-Cuff Cold Therapy

The AircastCryo/Cuff relies on a non-motorized option, also known as the gravity-fed system by users, who find its portability of great use. This system offers sustained therapy for around 8 hours, as the container has the capacity to store adequate volumes of ice and water to sustain that long.  It works on a simple system of maintaining water flow by adjusting the height of the system vis-à-vis the injured location. When held higher than the injured place, the water will flow to the injured area, and vice versa.

A perfect system for individuals who are uncomfortable or wary of motorized units. This works through gravity. All that is required is to place it a height or level more than the intended part for greater compression. It is a wonderful device to help get rid of swelling, and to manage pain, while being thoughtfully designed where it can be worn on either leg.

A Simple And Effective Option At Number Five

This is one of those simple and effective options to get rid of pain, without having to actually rely on a powered device to deliver the cooling effect to the targeted area.

Fact Sheet – The Workings Of An Ice Machine For Knee

Before you actually read the reviews, it would certainly help to understand how the gadgets work and the exact way in which you find relief with this device. This will not only help in making the right choice of an ice machine for knee, it will also help you to use the device, exactly in the way it is meant to be used. So here are a few points that will help you get a better grasp about the device.

Most of us have heard of rest, ice, compression and elevation – acronym RICE, as the combination that will alleviate pain and discomfort. There is science behind this technique of intervention, and knowing more about it will help you to easily understand the workings of an ice therapy machine.  Cold has for long been acknowledged as a safe and effective remedy for swelling.

This is mainly because of two different yet related actions that reduce pain. One, the nerve endings become numb with cold temperature as a result of ice. This reduces the speed with which the nerve endings send pain stimuli to the brain. You will therefore have a lesser sensation of pain.  Two, cold has the effect of reducing activity of the cells. This effectively slows down the cycle of cell death.  When damaged cells get their metabolic rate reduced, it creates a condition where tissues in muscles, and tendons end up surviving from the injury. This indirectly brings down the scale of cell repair that will be necessary.

The next is compression and its contribution towards recovery post injury. The reasons for application of pressure on an injured location, and its effects are threefold. One, the amount of external pressure exerted on damaged tissues has the effect of reducing and preventing swelling. Static compression bandages brought about this effect, and the same action is mimicked with greater effective by cold therapy devices.  Two, an injured part of the body will trigger the build up of fluid, and this condition known as Edema has detrimental effects on recovery. It reduces the speed and effective of recovery. Compression prevents edema by the application of pressure to the area, which in turn constantly removes the build up of fluid.  Three, healing activity calls for the supply of oxygen to the damaged tissues in addition to nutrients for the self repair process.  The process of active compression, pumps out the lymph fluid, and flushes out cellular debris from the injured location. This is performed in tandem with the process of delivering fresh blood, nutrients to the location, at the same time.

The combined action of therapeutic cold and active compression, which is delivered by an ice machine for knee helps individuals recover faster from injuries to the knee. This is quite different and rapid when compared with single options of ice packs or static compression.  An ice machine for knee will circulate cold water through ice reservoirs, and this constant circulation ensures that temperature is maintained at a desired or consistent level right through therapy sessions. By including active compression, therapeutic cold receives greater impetus to delivery therapeutic effects at deeper depths that last for a longer period of time.  Effectively, this combined action literally translates into enhanced delivery and swift repair and recovery of the injured knee.

Buying Guide To Help You Choose The Best Ice Machine For Knee

This review, this compilation of the top rated cold therapy machine will furnish you with all the necessary information that is required to choose your pick. Before you actually choose a cold therapy machine, take care to understand more about the nature of your swelling and seek tips from your medical practitioner. Additionally, use a few pointers to understand which would be the most ideal model to meet your requirements.  Bear in mind that cold therapy brings down swelling by constricting blood vessels, which effectively means that the body’s own healing force is stimulated.  Here are a few points that you need to consider.

  • Universal Nature Of The Pads – If you opt for a pad or a wrap that is universal in nature, you can use it for getting rid of pain in other locations
  • Ease Of Dismantling – You should not find it complex to stow away the product after use. The dismantling needs to be simple and uncomplicated.
  • Speed Of Transfer Of Heat – The speed with which heat is transferred will determine the speed with which your pain subsides. Choose one accordingly.
  • Capacity – The number of hours that the device will maintain the temperature is of importance to individuals who suffer from acute pain and discomfort.

A Peek About Compiling Reviews On  Popular Cold Therapy Machines

We adopt a proven method to compile reviews of a product. An ice machine for knee is related to health and recuperation, and hence, we had to adopt additional metrics, including the efficacy of the device and the handling convenience. Not every individual who has undergone a surgery would have the luxury of an attendant or helper all the time. This is why the ease of operation and the pace of the outcomes are important metrics here. As with other products we carried out a review of the complaints to understand if any patterns emerged that would point to a particular problem that remained unresolved. Our compiled list of cold therapy machines will help you to make the right choice. Use the information in combination with your specific requirement and opt for a product that is not complicated or unsafe.

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