Back to Life System Reviews

What if you could cure your back pain in a quick span? What if it was easy, safe, and natural? This is what the Back to Life system promises. It will teach you how to be free from every type of back pain in a quick and effective way. Created by Emily Lark, this program promises to help relieve your aches and pains for good. In this blog post, we will be reviewing her program and giving an honest opinion on whether or not it works!

Back to Life Review

So read on for the complete “Back To Life” review!

What is the Back to Life System?

This system is an online program that combines self-help videos, exercises, nutrition tips, and other advice on how you can heal your body naturally and assure a body with no back pain. It is easy and quick, with no drugs or surgery needed. You can get relief in as little as 5 minutes.

The creator of the program Emily Lark is a certified yoga trainer who assures to offer you relief from every type of back pain. She is the leading expert in rehabilitation therapy, who has helped thousands of people recover from injury or surgery. With this system, you can regain mobility and flexibility without any pain or discomfort.

What all is included in the Back to Life program?

Back to Life aims towards rejuvenating the entire body while maintaining a good overall shape. The system includes an instructional DVD, a mat, and two balls for the best results possible. You will be able to do it all from your own home without any hassle at all. It also encompasses various exercises that need to be performed regularly for the best results.

  • 10-minutes workout routine- The very first thing this system expects from the user is a 10-minutes daily workout routine that can be done in a sitting posture at any place.
  • Include core exercises in your routine- This incorporates stretching, strengthening and stabilizing exercises for the lower back. It’s designed to be done at home with no equipment needed!
  • Includes specific exercises- The need for specific exercises occurs when a person is suffering from a specific ailment say sciatica. This is quite painful and requires a specific set of exercises to diminish the severity of its effects.
  • Includes natural pain relief exercises- The sedentary lifestyle has resulted in various types of pain affecting the area surrounding the neck, hips, shoulders, and back area. Therefore, here comes the undenying role of natural pain relief exercises that target the muscles where the pain persists.
  • Includes stretching exercises- Want to relax your tissues and muscles? Stretching exercises aim to relieve stress, tension, and ease the body. It basically includes simple, safe, and effective yoga postures.

back to life system

Components of Back to Life Program

1. A 3-part instruction video

This program includes three videos with detailed instructions on how to use the exercises in order to strengthen your core muscles and release tension in your lower back. The first video explains what causes low back pain and why it’s so important for us to take care of our backs. The second video shows you how to perform each exercise step by step while providing tips on proper form and technique.

The third video provides a home workout plan that will help relieve any discomfort or tightness in your lower body caused by sitting all day long at work or driving around town running errands. It’s time for you to feel better than ever before.

2. 3 types of dietary modifications

Back to Life system encompasses three dietary modifications that can help alleviate chronic back pain. The program includes an anti-inflammatory diet, a low glycemic index diet and a gluten-free diet. These diets are designed to reduce inflammation in the body which will then decrease the amount of pressure on your spine and joints.

3. Correcting the sleep position

The back can be a complicated area with many muscles, ligaments and joints that are constantly moving. When we sleep on our backs, these areas are not properly aligned and this can lead to discomfort or even pain in the morning. This online instruction teaches you how to change your sleeping position so you wake up feeling refreshed instead of hurting.

It includes information about what causes back pain and how it affects your life as well as exercises for strengthening the core muscles that support your spine while you sleep. You’ll also learn how to identify which type of mattress is best for you based on height, weight, age and other factors. There’s no need to suffer from chronic back pain when there are solutions out there.

4. Correcting the standing posture

It emphasis correcting your standing body posture so as to reduce the risks of pains and aches. It also teaches how to stand correctly, sit correctly, and move in the most efficient way possible.

Stretching works wonders!

The designer of the program insists on the fact that stretching works really well to undo the harsh effects caused due to the wrong posture. Back to Life system focuses on the series of stretches that targets the muscles around your back. It also focuses on stretching out the core, hips, neck and shoulders.

Back to Life system Stretches

Who should avoid using Back to Life?

Back to Life system helps erase your back pain. It’s designed for people who are looking for relief from chronic or acute lower back pain, sciatica, and other types of nerve-related discomfort. However, if you are undergoing back pain due to any severe medical condition, avoid using this system. In such cases, you should consult your physician.

Drawbacks of Back to Life System

Many people have claimed that though this is an easy to follow program, but the instructions are only available online which many times becomes a barrier between comprehension and execution.
Since there is no physical availability of the trainer, utmost discipline and commitment is required.

The Bottom Line

Back to Life is a system that helps people get rid of their back pain. It’s designed for anyone who wants to live life without the aches and pains of chronic back problems. The program has helped thousands of people, and it can help you too.

You deserve to be free from your chronic lower back pain. With this system, you will learn how to strengthen your core muscles so they can support your spine properly – even when you are standing or sitting in an awkward position. Plus, with these exercises, you will also reduce muscle tension and stress on the nerves in the area around your spine.

This means less discomfort during everyday activities like walking upstairs or bending over to pick something up off the floor! Plus, there are no drugs involved at all; just simple movements that require nothing more than a chair or mat! So what are you waiting for? Get started today with the Back To Life system!