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Do you find it difficult to navigate through your property at night because of insufficient lighting? Then you can consider installing an LED solar panel, to light up the exteriors of your home.

Making a purchase of LED solar lighting can prove to be a complex affair, given the intricacies associated with such lighting devices. You need to make sure that the LED lighting is long lasting, durable, bright and has extensive range.

While LED solar lights are available online in plenty, the Atomic Beam Sunblast, is a product that is worth checking out, because of how amazingly bright it shines and how easy it is to set it up. To know more about whether the Atomic Beam Sunblast is a product that is worth buying, read on.

What Are The Advantages of Using The Atomic Beam Sunblast?

  • Can Function in Inclement Weather Conditions

One of the most significant advantages that you can experience when using the atomic beam Sunblast is that you can charge this lighting device well enough, even during inclement weather conditions.

The Lithium-Ion battery that this LED light is characterized by gets charged quickly and easily in low light as well as low weather conditions, via the solar panel that is sited right above the LED lights.

  • Extensive Coverage

The three light panels that are situated on the atomic beam Sunblast allow you to enjoy extensive coverage from just a single light.

The sides as well as the front of the light are illuminated with the help of bright LED’s indicating that there are no dark areas or shadows to each of the sides, which could otherwise have allowed thieves to encroach into your property, unnoticed.

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  • Wide Motion Range

The atomic beam Sunblast LED light is capable of, detecting movement from as far as twenty-five feet away.

As you make your entry towards your home, and towards the area where this LED light has been installed, your movement is going to be detected even if you are 25 feet away from it, by virtue of the motion sensor in this lighting device.

As you begin to leave from the area of your home where the light is installed, is going to revert to standby mode, and you will be saved of the hassle of manually turning of the light when you no longer require its use.

  • Durable and Long Lasting

The super bright and flat shaped LED panels that come with the Atomic Beam Sunblast are quite durable in nature, and are therefore capable of, lasting for a lifetime in your home, even if extensively used.

There are no cables that you have, to connect or conventional batteries that you have, to change when using the Atomic Beam Sunblast, and there are drills and screws that you have, to, worry about either.

atomic beam sunblast

Precautions to Take when using the Atomic Beam Sunblast

  • Keep Out of Reach of Children and Avoid Staring into the Light

While there are numerous benefits that you can experience while using the Atomic Beam Sunblast, there are specific precautions that you need to take as well, to avoid harming yourself and your family members when installing and using this LED light.

To begin with, the Atomic Beam Sunlight, despite its attractive appearance, ought not to be handled with frivolously and it must be kept out of the reach of children. Staring into the light when it is operational is not a good idea either as doing so can prove to be harmful for your eyesight.

  • Charge the Device sufficient Well before Use –

Since the Atomic Beam Sunblast works well in low light conditions, it is advised that you charge it in an area of your home that receives plenty of direct sunlight, for at least eight hours before you begin using it.

Avoid submerging this lighting device in water and take care at the time of setting it up. Adhering to the instructions contained in the user manual that accompanies this LED light at the time of its purchase, will allow you to set it up with accuracy, and use it effectively, over an extensive period, of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can the light generated by the Atomic Beam Sunblast, be adjusted?

Ans: The light that is produced by the Atomic Bean Sunblast can be adjusted with ease using two settings that are located on the device for this purpose, high and low.

Q2. How is the Atomic Beam Sunblast Installed?

Ans: The installation of the Atomic Beam Sunblast can be done in a hassle-free way by peeling off the protective paper from an industrial strength adhesive and sticking to the surface over which you require the light to be installed.

Q3. How many Lumens are contained in the Atomic Beam Sunblast?

Ans: Once the Atomic Beam Sunblast has been fully charged, it is capable of, shining as many as 400 lumens.

Q4. Can the Atomic Beam Sunblast last in all types of weather?

Ans: The atomic solar panels on the Atomic Beam Sunblast can charge quickly, even during cloudy weather.


The easy installation procedure, affordable price, and extensive lighting range associated with the Atomic Beam Sunblast, and the fact that it is capable of functioning well in inclement and low light weather conditions, makes it an LED light that is worth making a purchase of.

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